NBA Math Hoops was developed in a classroom to more deeply engage students in their STEM learning.

Students gathering around NBA Math Hoops board game

Students compete in teams of two, drafting a team of NBA and WNBA players and solving math problems using real-life player statistics to score points.

Gameplay builds fluency with fundamental math skills, and students develop key social-emotional skills as they share responsibilities and practice good sportsmanship in a timed basketball game format. A curriculum accompanies the game, exploring key math and social-emotional concepts across 10 lessons.

Students playing NBA Math Hoops

Season at a Glance


Training Camp

Learn Fresh staff host virtual and in-person educator trainings in select cities.


Students begin the experience by signing a sportsmanship contract committing to a set of shared values as they enter the "NBA Math Hoops season."


Students work in teams of two and draft real world NBA and WNBA professional athletes.

Season Tip-Off


The NBA Math Hoops in-season schedule begins! Educators and students work through a 10-lesson curriculum focused on building grade-level math fluency and social-emotional competency.


Students compete in the NBA Math Hoops game which is available in physical, digital, and mobile app versions.

Students who compete in at least 25 games, 10 lessons and displayed sportsmanship are eligible for a bid to attend the NBA Math Hoops Global Championship.


Regional Tournament*

Learn Fresh works with NBA and WNBA team partners to host a Regional Tournament for students participating in their region!

NBA Math Hoops Global Championship

Each year, students from across the US and beyond are selected to participate in NBA Math Hoops Global Championship, a three-day STEM, sports, and cultural experience.

*Offered in select cities. Virtual events may be offered throughout the year open nationally.

Program Tools

Students playing NBA Math Hoops

Board Game

Students act as Coach and General Manager of their own fantasy basketball team; drafting a team of real life NBA and WNBA players. Gameplay simulates the game of basketball as students switch from offense to defense in a fast-paced, timed setting. Students are incentivized to think critically and craft strategy using number sense and statistical analysis.

Students playing NBA Math Hoops


The 10 lesson curriculum is designed to adapt to any learning environment! Educators have the flexibility to pace the lessons to align with their schedule. All program content is developed in alignment with Common Core State Standards and 21st Century Learning Skills, and has been shown to improve students’ foundational math and social-emotional skills.

Students at NBA Math Hoops National Championship

Digital Game and Apps

The digital board game adaptation brings the original NBA Math Hoops gaming experience to life online, and includes a broader range of featured athletes, regularly updated data, and a classroom league infrastructure for educators. The Skills & Drills App offers extra practice for avid Math Hoopers!

Training and Support

Educators in the NBA Math Hoops program have access to the Learn Fresh Coaches Association (LFCA) educator portal. Through this portal you will receive direct support from Learn Fresh Staff, updates on local events, track student's engagement and nominate students for the NBA Math Hoops Global Championship, and so much more!

The NBA Math Hoops program is extended beyond the classroom through a series of unique events and experiences.

Extracurricular events, like NBA Math Hoops Live events, provide students with an opportunity to engage directly with NBA and WNBA team partners, and culminating regional and national championship events celebrate students and integrate competition with exciting learning experiences.