The NBA Math Hoops board game was developed in an educator's classroom and has scaled to reach over a quarter million students nationwide. All games are produced by Hasbro and focus on foundational math skills for elementary and middle school students.


The digital board game adaptation brings the original NBA Math Hoops gaming experience to life online. The game extends the program experience by including a broader range of featured athletes, regularly updated data, and a classroom league infrastructure for educators.


The mobile app creates practice opportunities for foundational K-8 math skills, including basic operations, number identification, roots, exponents, fractions, decimals, and percentages. The game features a series of mini-games that integrate NBA and WNBA team brands.


The NBA Math Hoops program is extended beyond the classroom through a series of unique events and experiences. Each fall, the program is launched with educator training camps, hosted virtually with Learn Fresh program staff. Events like NBA Math Hoops Live provide students with an opportunity to engage directly with NBA and WNBA stars, and season-ending championship tournaments celebrate students’ participation in the program. These championships are held online and in-person, both at the regional and national levels. Explore the videos below to learn more about these special experiences.

An NBA Math Hoops Story details the journey of the 2017 NBA Math Hoops National Champions, while demonstrating the broader impact of the program on communities across the United States. Through this short-form documentary, learn firsthand how the Math Hoops program has changed outcomes for over 150,000 students and thousands more educators nationwide.

See the Math Hoops program come alive in Detroit, one of the fastest-growing local markets for Math Hoops in the United States. This video details the Pistons Math Hoops program experience, from educator training through the National Championship.


The 2019 Bucks Math Hoops tournament concluded the third year of Math Hoops in Milwaukee! Educators and students from across the state convened for the region's annual championshp, before sending off a student from Oshkosh, WI to the National Championship.

Each year, teams across the country host "Math Hoops Live" events, which allow students to engage directly with NBA and WNBA players through a life-sized version of the Math Hoops board game. The Nuggets often host multiple Math Hoops Live experiences each season, including this one from the 2018-19 campaign.

Math Hoops Live can take on different forms in different places! In Los Angeles, students and educators were able to engage with Clippers players through an in-school tournament at the start of the 2018-19 season.

Since the Warriors Math Hoops program's launch in 2015, the region's annual championship has consistently been the largest in the country. For the past two seasons, 200+ Math Champions from the Bay Area community have attended this special event at the Warriors Practice Facility.

The first NBA Math Hoops National Championship was hosted in the Bay Area, in partnership with the Golden State Warriors. This video provides a shorter summary of the content covered in the NBA Math Hoops documentary.

The Sacramento Kings' Math Hoops program has consistently featured the nation's most enthusiastic and engaged educators. This recap from the 2016-17 Math Hoops season details the stories and excitement of this unique regional experience.


The Sixers Math Hoops program launched in 2016 with a pilot-sized implementation, and has since grown into one of the nation's largest. This video details the excitement of the region's first championship tournament, which featured students from Philadelphia and Camden, NJ.

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