Creating Math Champions, one game at a time.

Nationwide, 82% of eighth graders from low-income families are not proficient in math. Failing a math class in middle school is a key indicator for dropping out of high school, a challenging scenario which limits financial and social outcomes for most young people. Through NBA Math Hoops, students are given the chance to develop an appreciation and love for this critical subject, while also developing key interpersonal skills that will serve them throughout their life.

NBA Math Hoops is a comprehensive community program, featuring a basketball board game, mobile app, and curriculum, that allows students to learn fundamental math skills through the game of basketball. All program content is developed in alignment Common Core State Standards and 21st Century Learning Skills, and has been shown to improve students’ foundational math and social-emotional skills. The NBA Math Hoops program experienced is managed by Learn Fresh, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, in association with NBA Cares.

Math has never been this much fun!


  • "NBA Math Hoops really feels like a basketball game! Yes, you have to do math along the way, but you get so wrapped up in the excitement and thrill of the game that math doesn’t become a dreaded task."
  • “They’re going to need math all their life, so it’s good to have somebody like the Clippers to come in and inspire them to do math,” Paige emphasized. “A lot of these kids, they need to be inspired and it was great just having them around.”
  • "Using basketball as a hook to engage participants, it helps students to improve their core math and social emotional skills while developing a passion for learning."
  • "Students' feelings toward math also showed measurable gains after participating in the program, based on pre- and post-program attitudinal assessments."
  • "Founded by a curriculum developer and math teacher 17 years ago, NBA Math Hoops is a basketball board game, school curriculum and now mobile app that makes math fun for kids."
  • "Centered around a sports-themed board game, the learning program involves students from sixth to 10th grades using dice and stat cards of players in the NBA and WNBA to make arithmetic problems fun."
  • "Math teacher Melanie Young introduced the game to students in her after-school math club at Southwark in the fall, never imagining that one of them would make the nationals. 'It's brought a lot of cool opportunities to our school,' she said."
  • "The game has been a hit with kids and educators and currently, NBA Math Hoops is being used in elementary and middle school programs in 35 cities nationwide..."
  • "The championships move from NBA city to city and this year the Pistons are on board and loving it, treating the finalists to a tour of LCA before Sunday’s math questions start flying and the hot competition gets going and a national math champ will be named in Detroit later today."




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