Posted Nov 09, 2017

Calvin Sibert, Learn Fresh’s Director of Program Support and Content, reflects on his experience using NBA Math Hoops in the classroom.

When you’re passionate about what you teach, your students will become just as passionate.

As a youngster, I always said that I wanted to make it to the NBA. So when I was given the opportunity to teach a curriculum that combines the NBA and math, I was all in!

As an educator, I made my class unique by turning it into an “NBA locker room”. I created an NBA Math Hoops Hall of Fame wall with personalized jerseys for each student, and then added posters  of NBA players to surround the students’ jerseys. The icing on the cake was bringing a life-size cardboard NBA player into the classroom. The students loved it!

Now that I had my students hooked, the goal became to teach them good sportsmanship while competing in NBA Math Hoops. With the program’s sportsmanship contract and incentives, I was able to hold my students accountable throughout the season. Each student in my class had to accumulate as many sportsmanship points as possible to compete for incentives from Learn Fresh. This guideline improved my students’ behavior tremendously and allowed my class to earn some really cool experiences.

During the first of four checkpoints at which incentives were rewarded, my students and I were given tickets to the Detroit Pistons’ game versus the Houston Rockets.  Some of my students had never been to a Pistons game or NBA game in general, and our seats were just a few rows away from the court.

Above all the field trips and regional events that we were able to participate in, my favorite experience of the season was taking my student to the first NBA Math Hoops National Championship at Stanford University. The Learn Fresh team selected 16 students to compete in this tournament, as representatives of their cities and local NBA teams. From visiting Bleacher Report to signing one-day contracts with the Golden State Warriors, these students had experiences that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

NBA Math Hoops is not just a curriculum, but it’s a life-changing experience for students across the country.

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