Posted Oct 01, 2013

NBA Math Hoops is the product of many years of development and iteration.

Tim Scheidt, a curriculum developer and math teacher, first conceived of the game in its earliest form in 1997 and spent the next decade refining the concept and supporting curriculum with Jim Fina, a publishing executive. Scheidt and Fina eventually teamed up with Big Picture Learning, and entrepreneur and sports executive Bill Daugherty, in Providence, RI. Together, they took the game to the NBA and Hasbro with the goal of broadly sharing the Math Hoops experience.

The NBA and Hasbro care deeply about our mission to improve math literacy, and both signed on as Founding Partners, donating their rights, services, and production to Learn Fresh at no cost ever since. Together, we are dedicated to improving student engagement and achievement through the creation and distribution of innovative, fun, and effective educational tools.

Khalil Fuller joined Learn Fresh as CEO to help grow our impact, and a few years and numerous pilot tests later, Learn Fresh is sharing the NBA Math Hoops experience with thousands of students and educators around the country!

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