Posted Feb 05, 2014

The month of January took the Learn Fresh team from coast to coast in its ongoing effort to create Math Champions. In California, Cleveland, New York, and DC, educators are working hard and working smart to provide their students with the best opportunity to succeed through NBA Math Hoops.

In early January, we were able to catch up with Virginia Young - an NBA Math Hoops educator from San Jose who participated in the organization's 2012-13 national pilot. She continues to use Math Hoops with her students in class and in the school's award-winning math club, working with a wide range of grade and ability levels in the process. As Learn Fresh continues to build a presence in the Bay Area, her work will undoubtedly serve as an example for the rest of the local community.


Bringing Math Hoops to Life

C.J. Miles' second appearance at Outhwaite Homes Community Center in Cleveland's Central neighborhood was a highlight of the month's events in Northeast Ohio. The event included students from four after school programs in the Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority's network, and provided students with an opportunity to play NBA Math Hoops in a whole new way.

The center's basketball court was transformed into a life-sized game board, allowing students to work through the math associated with regular game play. Instead of taking a shot with the spinner and a player card, C.J. Miles took shots for the students in real time. After completing several problems, students learned how to calculate Miles' shooting percentage using the data that had been collected.

After a question and answer session with Miles, all students received an autograph and tickets to attend the Cavs' game on Sunday, January 26th. Learn Fresh continues to be thankful for the support received from the Cavaliers organization, and is excited to further develop its programming throughout Northeast Ohio.


East Coast Champions

A series of events in New York City and the Washington, D.C. area wrapped up the month's activities for the Learn Fresh team. In New York, acollection of Harlem Children's Zone instructors participated in a Math Hoops training event, in preparation for the launch of NBA Math Hoops programming in their after school sites during the month of February.

Scholastic Olympics, a non-profit organization in Prince George's County (MD), has also launched a set of eight NBA Math Hoops chapters in its local community. The organization, founded by former USA Today education reporter and current University of Maryland professor Tamara Cooke Henry, organized an in-school event with Learn Fresh and local County Councilman, Obie Patterson. The students played Math Hoops, interacted with the councilman, and proved to be among the most enthusiastic Math Champions in the country.

All students across the organization's eight sites will participate in an NBA Math Hoops Prince George's County Championship on May 3. This event will be preceeded by the Cleveland City Championship on April 4, so stay tuned for more exciting news from Math Hoops programs across the United States!



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