Posted Dec 09, 2013

A new NBA Math Hoops initiative is underway in Boston, MA, where The3PointFoundation and the Boston Public Schools are teaming up to create Math Champions across the city. The organization, under the guidance of Andrew Mirken and Neil Jacobs, has created a unique program combining Math Hoops in the classroom with basketball on the court. Each Friday, students at Dever-McCormack School meet to play NBA Math Hoops for an hour, under the guidance and supervision of 3PointFoundation staff and volunteers from UMass Boston. Afterwards, they take the court to learn basketball fundamentals from former professional and college stars. The program will be launching at a second site in mid-December, with hopes of expanding across the city throughout 2014 and 2015. 

The3PointFoundation has previously used NBA Math Hoops in its pre-existing after school and summer programs, and will continue to do so throughout 2014. The chapter initiative being spearheaded in the Boston Public Schools represents a new, exciting initiative for all involved. The Learn Fresh staff is proud of their partnership with The3PointFoundation, and looks forward to creating Math Champions with their team in the coming years. 

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