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Each year, the best and brightest from the Learn Fresh community convene in Denver for a special educator summit. This year, 19 of our most dedicated teachers will join Learn Fresh staff to reflection on a tremendous year of growth for the organization, while laying the groundwork for future projects and tools to sharpen the experience in 2017. We're proud to introduce the second annual Learn Fresh All-Star Teaching Team!


Jason Banks - Washington, DC

Jason Banks is the 5th grade ELA teacher at LaSalle Backus Education Campus that got involved with Math Hoops teaching in the after-school program. He has been an elementary school teacher for 6 years, teaching in both Maryland and DC schools. Jason has also taught math, science, and social studies to students in grades ranging 4th through 6th. Math Hoops has allowed him to build a bond with several of his students and help them develop and love for math that they never knew they had!


Jesse Broadfoot - Denver, CO

Jesse is currently employed by Denver Public Schools as a Program Specialist for the Department of Extended Learning at Brown International Academy. A Physical Education graduate of Wingate University, Jesse really enjoys combining his passion for sports and education. NBA Math Hoops was a perfect fit for him, and he is looking forward to working with the team. Jesse enjoys golfing and coaching or playing hockey in his free time.


Kathy Dove - Douglas, AL

Originally working as a science teacher, Kathy Dove later earned her master’s degree in Library Media and in 1998 and moved to the Douglas Middle School library, where she continues to teach today.  In 2005, she received her National Board Certification in Library Media Pre-K through Adult, and continued her education with an Ed S in Instructional Leadership. Kathy is currently a member of the school’s Leadership Team, AdvancEd Accreditation Team, and the 21st Century Community Learning Center Site-Director.  She is currently in her 6th year as a director for 21st Century.

Kathy first became acquainted with Learn Fresh last October.  In her quest to explore a variety of new strategies to help with math, she was invited to train on a new activity called “NBA Math Hoops”. She has put together tournaments for schools in Marshall County, AL after using it with her own elementary and middle school students, and is honored to be considered a Learn Fresh All-Star Educator.


Stephen Hall - Charlotte, NC

Stephen Hall, native of Asheville, NC currently living and working in Charlotte, NC.  He has been employed with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools ASEP (After School Enrichment Program) since 2008 in the capacity of a Program Assistant. He worked 2 years prior as an ASEP Site Coordinator. During his first year in collaborating with Learn Fresh he worked to coordinate 10 sites to participate in the program in the region. Stephen has a BS in Communications- Training and Development from Western Carolina University. He is married with one child.


Maura Heffernan - Cleveland, OH

Maura Heffernan is an intervention specialist at Cleveland Municipal School District. She was born and raised in the city of Cleveland, and attended college at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. Maura just finished her third year of teaching and loves it! She is a Cleveland sports fan and has enjoyed every part of the NBA Math Hoops program in her classroom. Go Cavs!


Na’Dra Hennington - Oakland, CA

Na’Dra Hennington, graduated from California State University in 2002 with a Bachelor’s degree in Human Development. For more than 16 years, Na’Dra has enjoyed working in Oakland Unified School District providing direct service, developing, managing, and overseeing after-school programs.  She has been with Bay Area Community Resources (BACR) for over 9 years. She began her work as a line staff and has worked her way to a program manager position.  

In her fourth year as an after school program manager, Na’Dra manages six programs in some of our toughest Oakland communities. To ensure program and individual success Na'Dra focuses on program compliance, diverse offerings, professional development opportunities for staff, building intentional communities and strong advocate when implementing innovative curriculum. She models BACR’s Collaborative Best Practices to all our stakeholders.  Na’Dra believes in transparency, trust, relationship building, and creating a shared vision. 


Yvette Jarvis - Denver, CO

Yvette Michelle Jarvis was born in Brooklyn, N.Y. the eldest of five children. She is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Boston University, with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a minor in Sociology. In 1983, Yvette became the 1st African America woman to play in the Greek Women’s basketball league and the 1st salaried female athlete. 

Concurrently, Yvette embarked on an international modeling career and traveled the world’s runways for fifteen years. In 2002, Yvette became the 1st African American to be elected to the City Council of Athens, in the history of Greece. Challenging the status quo, she campaigned vibrantly for the rights of immigrants, women and the disabled.

From 2006 until 2013, as Vice President of the pan European organization F.A.R.E (Football Against Racism in Europe), she campaigned against racism using football as a medium. In 2012, Yvette organized the F.A.R.E campaign with Century Elementary School students in Aurora Colorado.
She is currently a Program Specialist with the Dept. of Extended Learning with Denver Public Schools. Jarvis and her family repatriated to Colorado in 2012. Yvette is married to John Muller; they have one son.


Sheilah Jefferson-Isaac - Uniondale, NY

Dr. Sheilah Jefferson-Isaac is currently serving as an assistant principal at Northern Parkway Elementary School in Uniondale, New York. With over twenty-five years as a professional educator, her guiding educational philosophy is to empower students to become independent, creative thinkers. Her doctoral work focused on increasing the mathematical potential of those traditionally underrepresented in mathematically related fields. Dr. Jefferson-Isaac’s favorite motto and Twitter hashtag, #learningisjoyful, reminds us that school should be filled with joyful learning experiences. Follow her on Twitter @DocSheilah.


Kathryn Kigera - Washington, DC

Kathryn Kigera is dedicated to serving youth, especially underserved populations. She has worked in Out of School Time Programs (OSTP) since 2014 as the Manager of Summer School and Academic Programs, and now the Interim Director of Out of School Time Programs. In her work with DCPS, she has coordinated with several offices to ensure high-quality programming in both summer school and afterschool. She leads program monitoring and evaluation and helped develop systems and processes to ensure the smooth operation of both programs.

She is currently completing her doctoral dissertation in education at the George Washington University, where she worked for several years on federal education grants and served as an external evaluator on a per diem basis. Kathryn received a master’s and bachelor’s degree in political science from Central Michigan University and Saginaw State University respectively.


Lisa Liss - Sacramento, CA

Selected as a Freedom Writer Teacher with Erin Gruwell, a Mickelson Science Teacher, United States Educator for the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam, and chosen as a Learn Fresh All-Star Educator for 2016 have certainly been highlights of Lisa Liss’s 28 years of teaching.  Making peach salsa in the classroom, counting bandages as part of the Bandage Project honoring the 1.5 million children killed in the Holocaust, measuring mulch to create a garden, or using math to create murals, Lisa teaches her students to think outside the box.  Becoming a Math Hoops teacher was an easy step as she knew her students would welcome a fun, challenging way to learn their math facts. Lisa’s education includes a BS from the University of Houston and a Master’s from the University of Texas.


Mariana Lopez - San Rafael, CA

Mariana Lopez is a native of Venezuela. She studied Interior Design in Institute Villasmil de Leon and Education in Universidad Metropolitana. Before moving to United States in 2004, she worked as the Assistant Principal at Institute Nuevo Amanecer, a school for students with ADHD in Caracas. She was the Program Manager of the Refugee Youth and Family Program for Miami-Dade County. Currently she is the after-school Program Coordinator for Bay Area Community Resources at San Pedro Elementary School Elementary in California, a Program Manager for Marin County School Volunteers and a Board Member of HeadsUp Foundation where she continues to be an advocate for immigrant children in Marin County.  

Mariana believes that access to quality education is the best way to improve a person's social and economic situation. In 2014 Mariana was presented with the BACR Best Practices Award for the After School Industry among seventy after-school programs in the Bay Area. Most recently Mariana received the Golden Bell Award from the Marin County Office of Education for her outstanding program in the San Rafael City Schools District.


Evelia McClarty - Phoenix, AZ

Evelia McClarty is the Program Manager at Swift Kids Boys & Girls Club of Metro Phoenix. NBA Math Hoops was brought to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Phoenix as a pilot program and Evelia's club was selected to participate. She has been the program manager for two years at Swift Kids Branch and has worked for the organization for a total of six years. Evelia has also worked for other youth serving organizations such as Playworks. Math Hoops has definitely helped 4th and 5th grade club members sharpen their math skills, along with honing their love for sports.


Erik Moll - Oakland, CA

Erik Moll is a District Math Specialist in Oakland Unified School District with a focus on Middle School mathematics. His roles and responsibilities range from classroom support at focus middle school sites to K-12 math intervention lead for OUSD. His professional history includes 11 years teaching 6th grade in Hayward Unified School District in Hayward, CA, and 7 years as a District Elementary and Middle School School Math Specialist in Oakland Unified School District.

Eric has a BS in Communications from Boston University, an M.Ed in Elementary Education and Curriculum from Arizona State University, and an Administrative Services Credential from California State East Bay University.


Rachel Nelson - Denver, CO

Rachel Nelson has been an educator for 9 years. She has a degree in Elementary Education with an emphasis in Middle School Education from College of the Ozarks. Rachel is finishing up her masters in Early Childhood Special Educations from the University of Colorado at Denver. Rachel is currently working as an Education Specialist for The Bridge Project in Denver, Colorado.


Moses Omolade - Oakland, CA

Moses Omolade is a committed educator/activist who values the deployment of authenticity in achieving––both equity and social justice––in education, college athletics, and non-profit organizations. Originally from New York City, he received an athletic scholarship to play basketball at San Jose State University, where he earned a B.A. degree in African American Studies. After graduating in 2011, Moses enjoyed the privilege of traveling to over 30 countries with the world famous Harlem Globetrotters. Moses has since identified his purpose through life experiences and a love for reading, which is to provide youth with tools to achieve boundless aspirations. For almost two years, Moses has seen the benefits of NBA Math Hoops at his site and hopes to continue its implementation.

As a current Graduate student, when he isn’t face down in a book or at work, Moses enjoys spending time with his partner and year old son.


Lee Prater - Lexington, KY

Lee Farar Prater is the Manager of the Extended School Program (ESP). This program is an affordable after-school alternative provided by the local county government to various elementary schools in Lexington, KY. The Extended School Program is currently offered at ten elementary schools and two middle schools and has just completed its twenty-third year in operation.

Lee started with the program in the fall of 1994 while attending the University of Kentucky. She has held various positions while with the program. She has also held the Kentucky Early Care and Education Trainer’s credential which promotes high quality professional development to childcare staff. With present program enrollment of over 1,000 students, Lee is ALWAYS looking for great programming options that will engage student interests. Lee resides in Georgetown, Kentucky with her loving husband, two beautiful daughters, and four rambunctious dogs.


Jeanne Shannon - New York, NY

Jeanne Shannon received a Bachelor of Science in Elementary and Special Education from the State University College at Geneseo and a Master of Science in School Building Leadership from St. John’s University. Jeanne has taught at St. Elizabeth Catholic School/Academy for the last 29 years. She has taught on all levels from Pre-Kindergarten through Eighth Grade. Currently, Jeanne teaches Math in grades 5 through 8 while also serving as the school’s Assistant Principal. For many years, Jeanne served as a Visiting Team Member for the Middle States Commission on Elementary and Secondary Schools. Additionally, she served on a Diocesan-wide Committee with noted Yale professor, Dr. Marc Brackett, to promote social and emotional literacy in students. When not working, Jeanne likes to read and go to the theater.


Krishna Shapiro - Los Angeles, CA

Krishna has been teaching in Los Angeles for 18 years in grades K through 5, and primarily in 3rd grade.  She has used NBA Math Hoops in her classroom since its inception in 2012 and has seen amazing progress in her students on many levels.  Krishna feels that the students learn best if the material is relevant and interesting, and the best way to captivate student attention is by making activities interesting and FUN!  NBA Math Hoops incorporates all of this.  Krishna believes that teaching our youth is multi-faceted and includes mentoring, counseling, morally guiding, empathetically listening, cheerleading, modeling and, in some respects, befriending. She believes the teacher should be an excellent example of high values and be a worthy role model for children. 


Virginia Young - San Jose, CA

Virginia Young is an educational leader who has spent the last eight years teaching math at Sheppard Middle School in San Jose, California. With a passion for all things math, Virginia earned her teaching credential after finishing her undergraduate degree in mathematics at San Jose State University. Virginia is currently the math department chair at her school and has organized several school-wide math festivals and Pi Day celebrations, and is the coach to her school’s MathCounts team. Virginia loves bringing fun math activities and games to her curriculum and was thrilled to be one the first educators in the country to pilot Math Hoops with her students. Virginia also enjoys using technology and frequently trains other teachers throughout her school district on a variety of tech topics. When Virginia is not teaching, she likes listening to music, playing video games, and spending time with her family.

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